What should I bring for my hamam visit?

Hammam for your visit, you can bring your utensils sauna towels, slippers and bath stuff. As they wish, you can also bathe in a bathing suit or with a Umwickeltuch. If you can bring any utensils or want, you are welcome to borrow our towels package or individual purchase in the reception area or utensils.

Do I need an appointment to go to the hamam?

For treatments, such as peeling, massages or beauty, it is advisable for several days in advance to schedule an appointment. Please call us for this purpose under 030 / 21 75 33 75th Appointments can be to our opening times – so every day to make 23 phone-Clock.

Who will massage me?

Ladies of days (Tue-Sat) It uses only female staff. On the men’s day (Mo) and Family Day (Wednesday evening) we have female and male staff. Accordingly, on all days and all the ladies massages and exfoliating treatments, and cosmetics are made by women, just as the Lord’s Day, where men only massage and exfoliate.

I’ve never been to a hamam, what should I know?

All of our customers who come for the first time in our Hamam are elucidated in detail by our staff. You must have no prior knowledge, but get everything step by step explained.

Do you have vouchers or gift cards?

Yes, all our offers, you can – packed in oriental-purchase gift cards as vouchers. Locally, you can use our vouchers – whether lady or gentleman-purchase or directly to our opening times here on the Internet order .